05 October 2005

What to do with a blog

When one gets a blog the question inevitably arises as to what one does with said blog. I have decided in part to make my blog an ongoing series of updates on my conversion to Roman Catholicism. I am currently a part of an RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) group at my local parish (the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart here in Richmond, Va.). I hope eventually to outline all of my reasons for converting, but ultimately the only reason that anyone ever "crosses the Tiber" is because the Holy Spirit is leading them to do so. So I feel it must be with me. I was told, however, that the rite of initiation is a process of discernment, wherein one discerns whether or not the Holy Spirit is guiding one into Catholicism. Despite the fact that I want to say that the answer is, "Yes, of course!" I must admit that it is necessary for me to be humble and wait on the Lord for Him to exercise His will in my life rather than attempt to barge into the Church and exert my own will in the guise of obedience. My guess is is that it only seems tricky.

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